My interest in jewelry making began with a magazine article about how to make earrings from buttons.  Sounded fun so I tried it and fell it love. Still have those button earrings.  I then began to seek out classes in jewelry making and was lucky enough to train under some amazing teachers.  One of whom was a master goldsmith who was 84 years old when I began taking studio classes with him!   

I've done a bit of everything in jewelry making, including: casting, fabrication, stone setting and stone cutting.  These earrings are an example of my stone cutting/faceting and metal work. 

I've been living and working in Los Angeles for about 30 years.  Part of that time was spent working as a jewelry designer for clients and manufacturers of fine, bridge, and fashion jewelry.  Recently though, I have retired from designing for others to work exclusively on my own line of art jewelry.  

My work is based in traditional metalsmithing techniques.  I am excited by the almost unlimited options in metalwork for texture and shape.  Many of my jewelry pieces feature a unique textures that are my own creations.  

Anna Vosburg Design

Earthy, Artistic Jewelry